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Wedding Journey

Photography by: SREJON IMAGERY

09 August, 2015

Souvik Mandal


Priyanka Mukherjee

Pre-wedding Shoot 1


Got You in My Heart

The couple had a lovely pre-wedding shoot in front of the iconic Victoria Memorial. We must say their chemistry was more attractive than the edifice.

Engagement 2


Be Mine

As the duo's relationship blossomed, they decided to take the plunge. And what is better than diamonds to seal a deal like this? Pure awesomeness!

The Oregon-based lad fell hard for our Bong-beauty, who too reciprocated his feelings. Soon the couple realized that they are meant to be together.

Haldi Function 3


Gaye Holud

The ladies of Souvik's family had a ball when they got an opportunity to pamper the groom. We must ask Souvik how was the 'turmeric- spa' experience?

At Priyanka's residence too, all family members were busy preparing for her 'Gaye Holud.' Our bride looked luminous in a bright yellow-fuchsia sari.

Blessings from married women are considered as a good omen for the couples during weddings. A glowing Priyanka indeed had a lot of them on her Haldi.

Wedding 4


Promises for Eternity

Priyanka entered the venue like a classic Bengali bride, hiding her face behind beetle leaves. Souvik was in awe as he saw his fully decked-up bride.

The garlands composed of aromatic roses & tuberoses played the perfect tool for welcoming each other in their lives. We call it a fragrant beginning.

The duo performed all the rituals with utmost diligence. In the end, Souvik poured vermillion on Priyanka’s forehead, thus welcoming her in his life.

Griha Pravesh 5


New Abode

Priyanka was welcomed with open arms into Souvik’s family. The newlyweds started their marital journey with blessings from all the elders present.

Reception 6


Life Is a Celebration

The couple's reception in the 'City of Joy’ was indeed a memorable event for all. The newlyweds were totally ecstatic as they cut their wedding cake.

The duo complemented each other well on their reception. Their kith & kin also joined them in their happiness & tried to freeze a few moments forever.