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Rab Ne Bana
  • Di Jodi

  • Satbir

  • &
  • Navneet

17 August, 2016

Photography by: Michael Studio

Sangeet 1


Let's Groove

The women folks' enthusiastic 'Gidha' numbers were the highlight of the Sangeet event. Their pretty faces & attires added colors to the celebrations.

Both the families observed the Jaago night with lots of fun & frolic. The aunts of the pair danced their heart out holding a pretty pot on their head.

Getting Ready 2


Dress to Impress

Dressed in a white bandhgala, Satbir happily posed from behind his 'Sehra' which his sister tied onto his red turban during the 'Sehrabandi' ceremony.

A near kin tied a good-luck charm on Satbir's wrist to ward off any evil from his path, as he embarked on the journey of reaching his gorgeous bride.

Baraat 3


Band, Baaja, Baraat

As our groom stepped out, a group of 'Bhangra' dancers set the mood of a festive 'baraat' with their energetic moves, entertaining everyone present.

Soon the lively music spelled its cast on the decked-up baraatis, who couldn't resist themselves from grooving along the beats - not even our groom!

Wedding 4


Blissful Union

The couple's serene Gurdwara wedding or Anandkaraj started with a 'Kirtan.' A dazzling Navneet looked ethereal immersing herself in the spirituality.

As the priest finished explaining the significance of marriage in Sikhism, Satbir started Laavan around Guru Granth Sahib while Navneet followed him.

As the duo completed their Laavan on four prayers, they bowed in front of the holy book to seek blessings. With this, their marriage was sealed.

Vidaai 5


Bidding Goodbye

It's always heart-wrenching for a girl to leave her paternal home & dear ones. Navneet felt the pain terribly when she bid goodbye to her closest kin.

As the newlyweds boarded the car, Navneet's misty-eyed brothers slightly pushed the vehicle as a symbol of assisting her to move on in her new life.

Griha Pravesh 6


New Abode

Navneet had a grand welcome at Satbir's house with a bunch of smiling faces waiting eagerly for her. She pushed a rice pot before setting foot inside.

Post-wedding Shoot 7


Bon Voyage

The good-looking couple took some time out from the rituals to have a few intimate moments. A suave Satbir complemented a demure Navneet perfectly

As they walked hand-in-hand, the newlyweds symbolized how they will breeze through their conjugal journey with love and support from each other.