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Soul- Mates

19 May, 2016

Photography by: Golden Rectangle




Pre-wedding Shoot 1


The Music of Love

The couple indeed has a very musical love story. Abiram fell head over heels for Anu after he heard her playing a Led Zeppelin number on guitar.

Their musical journey turned into 'forever' as they decided to get hitched. The duo revealed their wedding date amidst the greeneries of Cubbon Park.

Both of them were at their romantic best during their pre-wedding shoot at the serene Cubbon Park. A smitten Abiram couldn't take his eyes off Anu.

Wedding 2


Defining Moments

Anu said, "We had a very simple temple wedding. Since I'm a Kannadiga & Abi is a Tamilian, we had customs of both the communities infused in our do."

The couple"s kith & kin seemed fully immersed in the tranquility of Venkateswara temple. The duo, however, did not shy away from having quick chats.

They made a few promises during their 'Homa.' They vowed to be each other's greatest fan & toughest critic while being comrades in every adventure.

Wedding rings symbolize the bond between couples. Our duo was set to take their relationship to an all new level of commitment, love, and friendship.

Abiram couldn't contain his excitement of having his best buddy as his better-half. He said smiling, "I feel so blessed! I always knew she's the one."

Getting Ready 3


Stealing the Limelight

Anu bought a few stunning pieces of temple jewelry from Chemmanur for her reception, whose intricate designs enhanced her beauty by several notches.

To match his gorgeous wife, Abiram got his suit made by the famous Khanate Designers. We must say he looked quite dapper in the purplish-grey outfit.

Reception 4


And the Party Begins

Abi and Anu's reception was held at the city's Balan Farm where the new husband happily posed with his gang - which included his father & uncles too!

The newlyweds stole a few moments for themselves to enjoy their big day. Both complimented each other well and looked totally content.

The cheerful couple embarked into wedding bliss with the best wishes & blessings from the attendees. We too wish them a lifetime of love & happiness.